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This is Not a Decode

this is about our relational differences, it’s about the
curls in my hair, the darkness of my thighs. So I’m split
a thousand ways, binaries of opposition, reduce me to
body parts, but the width of my cheekbones can be

I am going unsignified today

 (lbr, it’s not that different than usual)

(Oh, Suzi, lbr, you’re not alone. Or did you
think Idris Elba is really the only black man in

Rita Moreno, watch out!


Those are Jets you are dancing with—

slap a Shark, & watch the brown smear. A cha-cha on Natalie
Woods’ accent, stomp out a violent hierarchy in a purple ruffled dress.

Watch Out— We are Cause as well as Caused

Honey, this body was not made to be docile, and I’m more than a Pantene ad. Push past meme advice from overpriced educations, past my pop’s home-training. I’m beyond

 what’s written in history books.  Me & society work fast in the
movements before they’re gone, melting ice that reconstructs.

I resist,

I fall,              I’m back,

Mariah on that last long note.

Action options appear: there are further lives left, so bow down; made to redescribe, I am here to recreate, throw away civilization, all but the frivolous parts; I mean, I just figured out fake lashes, watch me feather flirt into your heart.


Suzi F. Garcia

Suzi F. Garcia has an MFA with minors in Gender Studies and Screen Cultures. Suzi is a freelance personal assistant, instructor, and poetry editor at Noemi Press. She has a big ego, but she doesn't know why it's such a big deal though. Her work can be found in Reservoir, The Offing, The Pinch Journal, and more.

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