Welcome to Anthropoid’s Second issue: Folk.

In this issue: A plague of beetles, ultimate grand supreme, big sky country, the ultimate flower, #notyourtonto, goldfish obituaries, and a woman grows gills.

To us, Folk is a collective of the human landscape; its clans, tribes, kinships, and legacies. But the collective is made up of individuals. We are isolated within our own perspective; it’s only by sharing, creating, writing and bearing witness that we can find out how it feels to be any particular person within the whole of Folk.

Issue Folk is the result of many months of reading and cultivating, as we strove toward a collection of work which would embody the many facets of what it is to be part of a cultural tradition, a family, or a taxonomic category of one’s own making. Folk is what we say to ourselves about ourselves and what we say to each other about each other.

For our second issue we also invited guest editors and members of our own staff to edit three folios on the themes of Kinfolk, Barfolk, and Folklore, to explore even further the different traditions and viewpoints which shape the folk (or folkiness) of our world. We’ll be unveiling each folio in the coming weeks — so we hope you’ll keep returning to this issue as it unfolds, to find your next favorite fairy tale, the echo of your own coming of age, or one good whiskey to warm the blood on the long winter nights.

Thanks for joining us, all you folk. This is our love song to you. – K


Amanda Ngoho Reavey, Annalise Mabe, Ashely Adams, Benjamin Goldberg, Bill Freedman, Branden Boyer-White, Brenda Mann Hammack, Caleb Ludwick, Caolan Madden, Casey Patrick, Charles Bane Jr., Clay Shields, Danni Quintos, Dara Cerv, Elizabeth Pearl, Emily O’Neill, Emily Pinkerton, Gala Mukomolova, Janice Sapigao, Jasmine An, Jessie Janeshek, Julian Randall, Lizi Gilad, Marika von Zellen, Marta Kowalewska, Matthew Moser Miller, Meredith Luby, Michael Wasson, Naima Woods, Nicholas R. Mancuso, Ploi Pirapokin, Raquel Salas-Rivera, Rebecca Hazelwood, Rebecca Saltzman, Scherezade Siobhan, Shira Erlichman, Sophia Terazawa, Susannah Walker, Suzi Garcia, T.A. Noonan, Tariq al Haydar, Thomas Maschio, Trevor Shikaze, Tyler Barton, Vickie Vertiz

Staff Contributors

Melissa R. Sipin, Anna Kovatcheva

Guest Editors

Sonya Vatomsky, Joy Priest, Sam Slaughter

Readers & Team

Dave Lu, Audrey Danielle, Amanda Faye, Whittier Strong, Christine Amezquita, Sonya Vatomsky, Grace Liew, Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick, Anna Kovatcheva (Editor, Folklore), Melissa R. Sipin (Editor, Folklore), Joy Allen (assistant managing editor), Kenzie Allen (managing editor, design)

Cover art: White-Bear King Valemon by Theodor Kittelsen.

Kenzie Allen

Kenzie Allen is a descendant of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin. She is a graduate of the Helen Zell Writers' Program at the University of Michigan, and is currently a second-year Ph.D. and Advanced Opportunity Program Fellow at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Her work can be found in Boston Review, The Iowa Review, Narrative, Apogee, Drunken Boat, SOFTBLOW, Indiana Review, Best New Poets 2016, and other venues. She was born in West Texas and tumbleweeds around with frequency.

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