issue 1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Anthropoid. (+)

In this issue: thunder gods, invasive species, dogs and primates, dudebros and greenhouses, loss, Noah’s Ark, pitching the metaphorical tent, the desert, war games, the arrival of metal, and a crocodile who really, really wants to eat a nearby monkey.

Our first issue at Anthropoid surprises me, and far surpasses my expectations when I started gathering the collective of writers who would become its fledgling community and staff. Anthropoid began from a fascination with the humanesque, of course, and an interest in narrative, myth, participant observation and ethnography, and all the ephemera and ideas of human cultures. The writing we received when we called for submissions was diverse in its subject matter and language, and we loved each interpretation on our “themes.” And this process turned out a final selection of work that is vibrant, present, and vulnerable. We’re so excited to share it with you, and to welcome you to that community. [Read more…]

Essays & Ethnographies

Tem Arbora
Degrees of Invasiveness

Chelsea Biondolillo
Necrology: the Dogs
flash non-fiction

Morgan Childs
Sound Ethnography

Bruno Renero-Hannan
Prison Bird Songs

Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick
Aura Girl
No. 9 & 15

Kenzie Allen
About Grief
ethnographies from the road*

Melissa R. Sipin and Hiba Krist
Story, Womanhood, and Colonialism
can we really tell each others’ stories?*


Will Manlove

Charlotte Seaman-Huynh

K Vish
Thunder Boy

Adrienne Celt
You Were There & So Was I Once

Myriam Gurba

* denotes staff writing